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How much water should we drink before, during and after training?

Before training, everyone should drink about 250ml, and after training, it is necessary to drink about 450ml of water at half hour intervals. As for the training itself, this is an individual matter, because not everyone has the same regimen and duration of training, so experts recommend drinking 400ml of water every hour.

This way the body will stay well hydrated. If you are engaged in strenuous and time-consuming workouts, then you need to drink electrolyte-enriched water that will further help your body recover.

Loss of fluid during training

Sweating is the biggest cause of fluid loss. The water is also lost by evaporation through the exhaled air that is saturated with water vapor and through the skin. Increased sweating very quickly leads to dehydration and, consequently, to an increase in the concentration of extracellular fluid and simultaneous drying of the cells.

Water plays an equally important role in the course of physical exertion, namely cooling. In order to avoid overheating of the body, it is necessary to bring in as much cold water as possible, but not too cold, to cool the body more efficiently.

When is the fluid being drunk?

The fluid is drunk before, during and after training. The fluid should be introduced continuously. If sufficient body hydration is not provided before the workout, the deficiency can no longer be compensated by ingesting fluid during the workout. In other words, training should not be entered with a water deficit.

Water deficiency should be compensated for by the continuous intake of smaller amounts of fluid during training. It is recommended to drink 100ml of pure cold water cooled to about 10?C every 15 minutes. Fluid intake should not be interrupted after training.

How Much Liquid Should Be Ingested?

The missing amount of water should not be brought in at once, but gradually in small portions, slow sipping. Sudden swallows inserts a large amount of air into the stomach, which can create a feeling of discomfort or even cramping. Therefore, carbonated liquids are by no means recommended.

What to drink?

Water cooled to about 10?C is absorbed much faster in the intestines than water at room temperature. It also cools the blood. prevents the body from overheating. Almost everything added to water slows its absorption.

After great effort, water should be drunk while walking. When muscles abruptly relax they often experience cramps and injuries, because the tired muscles at rest do not receive enough blood to eliminate the accumulated waste products.

Before starting the workout, it is necessary to perform a rehydration of the body, during the activity - hydration, in order to avoid dehydration, and the last stage would be fluid restoration or rehydration.