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One of the common questions when we decide to buy a treadmill is what types exist and which one will suit me?

Types of treadmill

- Motorized treadmills

- Mechanical treadmills

- Magnetic treadmills

When choosing a treadmill, you need to pay attention to your training needs and capabilities.

Advantages of Motorized treadmill

Within the motor treadmill, there is an engine that drives the treadmill while the user is running or walking, during the activity on the lane the engine starts the lane itself on which you walk or run. In this activity where the engine itself drives the lane, the activity of the user is minimal. As you increase your workload or speed you burn more calories and your workout is more intense.

If you want to exercise daily and don't have time to walk, a motor treadmill is the ideal choice.

Benefits of Magnetic treadmill

Magnetic treadmill requires more intense training, unlike the motor treadmill, which has a motor in its construction, the magnetic treadmill contains magnets in the structure. The user initiates the running belt itself when training, walking or running. With magnetic tape, while the user is walking or running on the treadmill, the running belt itself is triggered.

This requires a higher level of fitness activity, magnetic treadmills are more suitable for walking or fast walking.

The mechanical belt features a belt-driven load system that drives a steel flywheel.

Like other types of treadmills, the Mechanical treadmill has a option of adjusting the load and intensity of your workout. When you adjust the resistance levels , the flywheel is relaxed or tightened to increase or decrease the resistance and the load itself.