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Xplorer Bluetooth earphones 

13. Februar 2019 09:15:29 CET

Do you want to train while enjoying your favorite music that motivates you more? You can do this with the Xplorer Bluetooth earphones with which training becomes a piece of cake, and the results will be better than before. And if you combine them with training on our IE 500 trainer, no better training than that one.

In our offer, you can choose from three types of handset, BQ40, BQ50 and BQ70. To start all three models, the button in the middle should be held for 5 seconds. They are then ready to pair with the cell phone. Just put a Bluetooth on your cell phone on and there you are. Ready to use.

BQ40 are the in-ear type, but they are not canal types like BQ 50 and BQ 70. If you ask me, they are much more comfortable for extended use. Driver size of 10 mm and impedance of 32 Ohms provide very good sound quality. BQ 40 also have integrated microphone for handsfree calls and voice commands. The battery lasts for 4 hours of listening to the music at the maximum volume which is great for such a small gadget. The battery recharges in around 2 hours.

BQ 50 are in-ear headphones which means that they enter the ear canal which makes them more stable (they do not fall off during training/exercise). 10mm driver and 32-ohm impedance provide great sound quality with the frequency range from 20-20000Hz. Another advantage of these headphones is the microphone which enables hands-free use and voice commands. With all that, Xplorer BQ 50 are very durable, in the standby mode they can last for 140 hours, phone calls for 5 hours and listen to music at max. volume for 4 hours. Charge time is roughly 2 hours. If you get annoyed by tangled wires, you will no longer be with BQ 50 due to their design with a very short wire that goes around your head and thanks to magnets embedded in the headphones, you can wear them like a necklace when not in use.

BQ 70 is the canal type headphones and have a very attractive red-grey design. They have embedded magnets so you can wear them as a necklace while not in use and. BQ 70 is very easy to tun on, just pull them apart and that is it. Headphones have silicone ear holders which makes them fit very securely in your ear and will not fall out even during most intense physical activities. Their battery lasts up to 4.5 hours.

All three Xplorer Bluetooth headset models are great for sports. It's up to you which model to choose.