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A toy that educates your kids and make them move

07. September 2018 16:25:29 CEST

In this informational chaos in which we find ourselves today, we often try to take a deep breath every time we see that we were left without air.

But, if we are positive, it doesn't have to be so bad, for example, if you are just passing an old bus with the big grey cloudy smoke which almost ends up in your lungs. But luckily, this time you almost didn't breathe.

When speaking about luck, while we often find it most in the fridge, our kids, or just kids, know exactly where she is. Of course, exactly where the gray hair is best to succeed. All those unhealthy, colorful, aggressive, and arrogant things are their targets, and they reached it quite easy. But what they don't know is that they are becoming a target itself. The only question is - how good you shoot?

I know how. And this time is quite easy.

The recipe follows:

first give yourself a chance to understand and accept that a game gun doesn't have to be aggressive and stupid. OK ok, it can be both. But, only for you :) So, first, get that thought out of your head and then go to the next step: product information. After you realize that the toy is a lot more than nonsense, buy it, unpack it, connect it to your smartphone, and add it to that impatient kid next to you. Finally, the last step is choosing the game and downloading it from the App Store.

Why I'm suggesting all that I'm talking about?

Because you cannot fully control your child is spending all his free time. What is certain is that over 90% of their proposals will likely find opposite opinion in your thinking. Unlike most other games, the AR consoles bring two key benefits: the children are constantly moving and there is a greater chance of getting tired and going to the early sleep. And secondly, instead of classic games and shooting, you have an incredible opportunity to guide your child to choose most educational one.

Let's conclude the order:

Buy the AR console – be sure that batteries are inserted correctly in the gun - if you do it well you will give some signs of life (it lights on the sides) - download the application SuperAR and AR gun - turn

on your Bluetooth on the smartphone - place your smartphone on the console - get away as far as you can and turn on the clock.

For those who want to know more:

Read our blogs about AR consoles: you can choose between technical specification blogs to decide which console to choose, popular gaming on the market, or how to connect the console to the smartphone. In case of any additional questions that have come up and not yet processed by us, you can always tell me, and it can always become my new typing thing.